Do you sit at a low table when doing your Diamond Paintings? Where you sit bent forward with both neck and back bent? If you haven’t already, you will probably get pain in neck and back. Here are some tips on accessories that can help you.

Laptop stand

You can buy a laptop stand to use as a table. Most laptop stand can be tilted. Which means you don’t have to bend your neck too much. I bought a laptop stand from “Jysk” myself, and it works really well. It actually help to prevent me from getting pain in neck. There is a side part that is not angled where you can fit both the tray and the pen. Which makes it easier because it stands straight and does not slip off the angled surface. The stand I bought isn’t available anymore but you can buy one that looks like it here: laptop stand.

laptop stand
Laptop stand that can be angled so you don’t have to sit bent over.

Drafting table

If you have a lot of space, you can get a drafting table. Basically, it’s a desk that you can angle the table top, so you don’t have to sit bent. There are different variants, with drawers and without, and with different amount of space next to the tilt-able table top. If I had the room for it at home I would definitely buy a drafting table. I only see the benefits of it and especially the table to the right in the picture below. You have space to have your canvas and even space for things. The drawers make it even better because you get somewhere to put away things that you may not be using right now. In the image below you can see two different models. The left one you can find here: drafting table left and the right one you can find here: drafting table right.

drafting tables
Two different types of drafting tables that you can use to avoid sitting bent when doing Diamond Painting.

Table top easel

A table top easel is used to put a canvas on to paint, but you can also use some models of them to put the Diamond Painting canvas on. A easel that is placed on the floor would also work, but then you need something to put the canvas on. You can buy a table top easel here: table top easel.

table top easel
A table top easel that can be used to have the Diamond Painting canvas on.

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