I have previously written about the different end pieces that are available for the Diamond Painting pens, you can read that post here: Different end pieces for the pink pen – what are they used for ?. There are more ends than the ones I wrote about there, and I have found two new end pieces that I bought. Here I share with you my experience of these two new end pieces.

Curved angle

I have seen pens with curved ends for quite some time, but have not tried any with the thought “can it really make any difference”. When I found a few months ago that you could buy loose ends fairly cheaply, I could not help it. I had to buy a bunch and try. A little skeptical at first, I took one end, put it on a pink pen and was surprised. It made it a lot easier. You can see in a different way where you place the diamond and it will then be easier for it to end up in the right place.

new end pieces
An end that is curved makes it easier to place diamonds in my opinion.

The only downside I see is how to get it to end up in another pencil. If you, like me, have made Diamond Painting pencils from other pencils (you can read how here: Make your own Diamond Painting pen!) Then it will be a bit tricky to get the tip into them. They are made in a different way and you do not only have a small short point that you can stick in. As you can see in the picture below, the left is the part used to make your own pencils, while the right is the tip I bought. They are different sizes, and it is not possible to just poke the new tip into another pencil.

new end pieces
The left tip is the piece I used when I made Diamond Painting pencils. The right one is the tip that I bought and now tested.

I’ll see if I can come up with a solution and if I find one, there will be a post about it a little later. If you have a good idea, share it in the comments below. If you want to buy this end, you can find it on AliExpress here: curved end piece.

Narrow end for four diamonds

I very often use the end that has room for three diamonds. What I noticed with it is that the edge is a bit thick so it is difficult to place the diamonds on the canvas when others are already there. So when I found this end that is narrow and has room for four diamonds, I could not help but try it.

new end pieces
Narrow end for four diamonds.

I think it works really well. And just like I suspected, it’s easier to place the diamonds when there are others around with this one. There is no direct difference between picking up three or four diamonds, I think, so if you can use it for three, you should not encounter any problems with it. If you want to buy this end, you can find it on AliExpress here: narrow end for four diamonds.

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