Diamond Painting is getting more and more widespread in the world. There is many, both old and young, that have started this hobby and it isn’t hard to understand. It is both fun and easy. And you end up with a good-looking painting in the end. Many see the hobby as relaxing and use it to unwind after a long day.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting gets described as a mix of paint-by-numbers and cross stitch. You use small plastic pieces that are cut in facets, these are the diamonds or drills for short. The diamonds you put on a canvas that has adhesive on it. The canvas comes in two versions pre-printed with symbols or blank with a grid. The symbols on the pre-printed canvas form the picture. All the Diamond Painting kits you buy has pre-printed symbols on the canvas. However, if you want to use a cross stitch pattern you will need to use a blank canvas with grids.

To be able to pick up and put the diamonds on the canvas you use a special pen. The tip of the pen needs to be filled with some pink wax to be able to pick up the diamonds. For easier pick up you put the diamonds in a tray that have some grooves in the bottom. This will make the diamonds turn the right way and you can then pick them up with the pen.

The pre-printed kits you buy often have a paper that shows which symbol corresponds to which color. The paper also shows how many diamonds you need for every color and how many bags of diamonds you have gotten. I call the paper for symbol chart.

How-to Diamond Paint

diamond painting

1. Peel back a bit of the safety sheet from the canvas so that you can see the symbols (don’t remove all of it at once).
2. Look at the paper with symbols and decide which symbol to start with.
3. Find a bag with diamonds that correspond to the symbol you wanted to start with.
4. Open the bag and put some of them in the tray.
4. Dip the pen in the wax. The wax is what makes you able to pick up diamonds.
5. Pick up a diamond with the pen and put it on the right symbol on the canvas.
6. Repeat this until you have filled the whole canvas or the parts of the canvas that are supposed to be filled with diamonds.