There are many different types of pens for Diamond Painting. Which is really good since everyone has different taste and it means that you can find one that works just for yourself. I bought some different ones and here is a test of 3 Diamond Painting pens. I give you information on how I think they work so you can decide for yourself if they are something for you. Have you tested any of them? What did you think? Comment below and let others know.

Pen 1 – Wax pen

A pen made entirely of wax. Which is very nice since you do not have to fill it up with the pink wax. It is very long which I think makes it feel like you lack the precision you get with a shorter one. However, I noticed that it gets easier with time and even precision gets better. However, if you put a drill in the wrong spot then you cannot adjust it with the pen as it is too soft. Otherwise, I find it easy to pick up drills with. They stick well to the tip and it is nice to not have to fill up wax. It left black marks on my fingers, but with a pen grip you go rid of that problem. If you are looking to buy the pen you can find it here: wax pen.

wax pen
A wax pen that you need to sharpen in one end to be bale to pick up drills.

Pen 2 – Wax at one end and narrow metal tip at the other

I think it’s nice to hold, just enough weight. The wax side is easy to pick up drills with, however, it is somewhat large so there is a risk that you will get several on the edges. It’s a bit difficult to place the drills on the canvas because the wax side is large. The metal side has good precision and is easy to fill with wax. The metal side is easy to adjust drills with if they are in the wrong spot however you can’t use the wax side for this as it is too soft. If you are looking to buy the pen you can find it here: wax pen with metal side.

Test of 3 Diamond Painting pens
A pen with one tip made of wax and one made of metal.

Pen 3 – Wood pen

This pen is a little different from the others as it is made of wood. There are various motifs and I chose the one with Totoro from the anime “My Neighbor Totoro”. Besides the fact that I think it is really good looking and well made, it is good in my hand. It does not feel too heavy nor clumsy. The tip is just like the pink pens and you can easily fill the tip with wax. If you are looking to buy the pen you can find it here: wood pen.

wood pen
Wood pen with Totoro on top of it.

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