When you buy a Diamond Painting kit you often get a pink pen for picking up the drills with. You fill the tip with a little bit of wax and then you can pick up the drills with it.

The pink pen looks in it simplest design like the picture below. The tip to the right is removable.

pink pen
The pink pen that you get with almost every Diamond Painting kit.

With it you can pick up one drill at a time. There is ends that you sometimes get with your kit. Those you place in the empty whole at the end of the pen. With them you can pick up 3, 6 or 9 drills at a time. You fill those with wax as well.

pink pen ends
Different ends that you can put on the pink pen.

Those are good if you have a big area of the same color. They speed up the process quite a bit, but it takes some practices to use them. So don’t give up if the diamonds pops of it or every thing looks crocked. You can just adjust them and keep on trying. In the end you will get the hang of it and it will go faster.

I have also seen a pen with a kind of wheel to pick up many drills, but all I heard about it is negative. Many people says it doesn’t work at all, and that have made me reluctant to try it out.

Pen with build in light

An other variant of the pink pen is one with a built in light. This will make it easier for you to see where to place the drills. It has some different designs and the one I got look like the picture below. i think it works okay, but it does make some glare in the drills. So you have to have it in a bit of an angle to being able to see the symbols on the canvas.

Pen with built in light
A Diamond Painting pen with built in light.

Make your own DP pen

There are a lot of people that thinks the grip of the pink pen isn’t that good. It is also quite dull to look at, and therefore some make their own pens as substitute to the pink ones. I will put up a short post with instructions of how you make your own pen.