You have probably seen diamond placement tools at various stores where you can buy Diamond Paintings and accessories. You may have wondered what it is and how to use it. Here you will get answers to your questions as I try the diamond placement tool.

Different for round and square

The diamonds for Diamond Painting are available in three different types; round, square and special. There are diamond placement tools for the round and square diamonds. The special diamonds are usually in very different shapes and you do not need a placement tool for them in the same way as when placing round and square. Because they are round and square, you have large areas with diamonds, and it is then more important to get them straight. Paintings with special diamonds are also usually partial drill and the need is not as great as they are usually very scattered.

Different sizes

There are also different sizes of the tool, and it’s simply a matter of how many diamonds you want to be able to place at once without having to move the tool. The larger the tool, the fewer times you need to move it. Which in the end should save time.

diamond placement tool
Two different sized diamond placement tools.

For square

I tried the one for squares first and what I notice is that it is a bit difficult to place the tool straight. Once you have laid it down and made it match the squares on the canvas, all you have to do is put down diamonds. Something that goes easily and if a diamond ends up a little bit of, it corrects itself when you put the other diamonds around it.

diamond placement tool
A placement tool for square diamonds.

I used it on a painting where there are very mixed colors and for me who is used to place diamonds without any aids, I just think it is cumbersome. Because I know that behind the metal there are more places for diamonds to be placed in the colors I use, which means that it just takes longer for me. I am also used to using tweezers when there is a color here and there, which means that the diamonds end up straight without tools. If you have a large area of the same color, or are a beginner, I can imagine that the diamond placement tool makes the placement of diamonds easier.

For round

When I started testing the placement tool for round diamonds, I noticed that even if I put it straight, it did not match. I tried another painting and had the same problem. Some pieces ended up correctly, but in the end the symbols did not match the holes at all. If you look at the image below, you will see that the symbols on the left are basically in the middle of the holes, but those on the right do not end up in the middle.

diamond placement tool
A placement tool for round diamonds where the holes do not end up where they should.

I then decided to order a new one, with the idea that the one I received was incorrectly made. The new one came and I tried it. It is slightly more correct than the previous one, but in the end it will still not line up correct. After that I ordered another one that looks more like the one for squares. I thought that maybe since it looked similar to the square one it has a greater chance of being correct, but when I tried it, it was the same thing. In the beginning, the holes are correct, but after a while they do not end up straight.

diamond placement tool
Three different diamond placement tools.

Since none of the diamond placement tools I bought work for round diamonds, I have given up hope of finding one that works. If you have managed to find one that are for round diamonds and that works, feel free to share it in the comments below.

Where to buy them?

You can find the one for square here: placement tool for square. If you feel brave and want to try one of the rounds, you can find them here: placement tool for round version 1 and placement tool for round version 2.

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