In Diamond Painting color numbers are always the same if it is DMC numbers. How do you know if it is a DMC number? A DMC number has three or four digits. So if you have a Diamond Painting with the number 4 then it is not a DMC number. The fact that the paintings have the same color number makes it easier if, for example, you are missing drills for a project. You can then use drills from other paintings to complement. Want to know more about DMC numbers you can read this: DMC numbers – what is that?.

Symbol chart

The symbol chart often contains a column with DMC numbers. Sometimes it says DMC in the column heading on the symbol chart, but I have had those where it says both BMC and DMS. Some even said “no” for the column with DMC. So it is not always clear which column is the DMC number. You can read about how to interpret the symbol chart here: Symbol chart – what is that?.

color numbers
A column with color numbers on a symbol chart.


Some also write DMC numbers on the bag with drills. The bags look a little different and sometimes it can be a bit tricky to figure out which number is the DMC number. Those times it is usually easier to look at the symbol and then on the symbol chart to find out what the DMC number is.

color numbers
Two different bags marked with DMC numbers.

Shade differences

What one has to keep in mind is that even though the DMC numbers are always the same, there may be differences in the shade. If you order paintings from different sellers, you are likely to encounter different shades of the same color. So if you have, for example, 444 from two different paintings, one color may be lighter or darker than the other. You can mix these as long as you do not have large areas of the same color. Because then if you maybe put half with a shade and then put the other with another, you can see an edge where the color is changed.