I have seen more and more posts in various Diamond Painting groups on Facebook talk about nano tape and micro Glue Dots. This made me curious. Questions like “what is it?”, “what is it used for?” and above all “what has it to do with Diamond Painting?” appeared in my head. I started reading up and this is what I found out.

What is nano tape?

Nano tape is an elastic tape that attaches to most things and can be reused. After using the tape, you can simply remove it and wash it to use it again. It is very stretchable, which means that you can easily pull it to get the right size. The tape is non-toxic, recyclable and environmentally friendly. Sometimes nano tape is also called magic tape.

Nano tape
Nano tape that can be used in place of the pink wax.

What is micro Glue Dots?

Glue Dots is the name of the company that manufactures micro Glue Dots. They started in 1997 and were first to enter the market with products that could directly glue / paste objects together. So what are micro Glue Dots? Micro Glue Dots are small transparent, ultra-thin “glue pads”, made of permanent glue, made to attach small objects.

Micro glue dots
Micro glue dots that can be used instead of the pink wax.

What are nano tape and micro Glue Dots used for?

When you read about these, you may think that they are used to replace the glue on the canvas, but this is not the case. Both are used instead of the pink wax in the pen. The idea is that you should use either nano tape or micro Glue Dots and this way you do not have to fill the pen with wax. Both variants should last significantly longer than the wax, and also longer than Blu-Tack which I know many people use instead of the wax.

Nano tape can easily be cut to a size that allows you to tuck it into the tip of the pen. Micro Glue Dots can be rolled up and tucked into the tip. I myself have not tried any of them yet, but I have nano tape at home that I bought for a completely different purpose. So I will test this as soon as I have the time, because if it works well, I think it is really worth it.

Where can I find it?

If you want to try it yourself, Nano tape is available at AliExpress, among other places, you can find it here: AliExpress nano tape. Micro Glue Dots are available at Amazon, which you can find here: Amazon micro Glue Dots.

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