Have you ever emptied a bag of drills in the tray only to find out that the drills are stuck together? It doesn’t matter how much you shake the tray or pinch them between your fingers, they wont budge! Since you don’t want to be missing drills for your Diamond Painting you need to separate them. Do not fear there are some ways to get the drills unstuck.

Method 1 – Green trays

For this method you will need two green trays in the same size. You begin by empty a bag of drills in one of the trays and then you put the other on top of the tray with the drills in it. In other words the tray not filled with drills bottom should be placed so that it goes down in the other tray. See the picture below.

Green Trays
Green trays that can be used to separate drills that are stuck together.

After you have placed them in each other you push them together and should hear multiple clicking noises. That means the drills have gotten unstuck from each other. Don’t you find the clicking noise really satisfactory?

Method 2 – Rolling pin

You take a bag of drills and put them into a bag that you can seal, with a knot, zipper-bag or something like that. Put the bag on a hard surface that there isn’t any chance for imprints, and separate the drills so they aren’t in a big pile. Now you take your rolling pin and roll it over the drills. The result should be that they separate.

Method 3 – Mortar

If you have a mortar at home you can use it to carefully pestle the drills apart. Make sure not to be too aggressive, if you are then the drills can be damaged.

A mortar that can be used to separate drills stuck together.

Method 4 – Pill crusher

You can buy a pill crusher to separate the drills in an easy way. You just open the top, put in the drills, put the top back and then you turn the “ears” to get the little spike to move downward. This will result in a pressure on the drills and make them separate. With this method there isn’t any chance to get drills all over since they are in the jar. You can buy them here: Pill crusher.

Pill crusher
Different pill crushers that can be used to separate drills stuck together.

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