If you have made multiple Diamond Paintings then you have probably encountered that when you open a bag of drills they jump away instead of landing in the tray. The reason for this is static electricity. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds and you can get rid of static drills through a few simple tricks.

Method 1 – Freezer

Some say they’ve got rid of the static electricity by putting the drills in a bag in the freezer overnight. I have not personally tried it, but if it works, it is a very simple solution to the problem.

Method 2 – Water with fabric softener

It should also be possible to get rid of the electricity by placing the drills in water that you have added some fabric softener to. Put them in the water for a while and let them dry on paper. Then they will no longer be static and you can put the drills on the canvas.

Method 3 – Tray on damp cloth

If you place your tray on a damp cloth, you can get rid of some of the static electricity. Keep in mind that the cloth should only be damp and not dripping with water. Also make sure that you do not set the damp cloth on the canvas. My tip is to have the damp cloth on a plate.

Method 4 – Dryer sheets

You can also use dryer sheets to fix static drills. They are usually used to put on the laundry in the dryer, instead of using fabric softener when washing. For Diamond Painting you cut pieces of the canvas and put them together with the drills.

Dryer sheets
Dryer sheets that can be used to counter static diamonds.

Method 5 – Dry hands

If you have very dry hands it can cause static drills. The best way to counter that is just to use a lotion for your hands and that should fix the problem for you.