For those who have been doing Diamond Painting for a while, the words that are thrown around are no strangeness. We are looking for good pencils and trays and talk about having Mod Podge on finished paintings. For a person who is new to the hobby, some words may sound like pure inventions, and it can be difficult to keep up. Here is therefore a post with some of the, in my opinion, most common words, and what they mean. I also have a small dictionary with a shorter explanation of more words that you can find here: dictionary. If you are missing a word, feel free to write a comment and I will add it to the dictionary.

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a decoupage medium. Now you might be wondering what is decoupage? It is an ancient technique for decorating everyday objects with the help of beautiful paper pictures and motifs. You use Mod Podge to glue and seal the paper so that it stays in place on what you attach it to. For Diamond Painting it is used to seal the diamonds. You can say that you glue the diamonds together on to the canvas, so they do not come off. There are a variety of Mod Podge varieties. The ones used mainly for Diamond Painting are those named gloss or sparkly.

mod podge
Mod podge that can be used as a sealant for Diamond Painting.

Pen, tray and pink goo

Pen is meant the tool used to place diamonds on the canvas. Since the tool looks like a pencil, you simply call it that. If you want to read more about pens, you can do it here: pink pen – how to use it. Tray is what you have the diamonds in so they will end up in the right direction and thus make it easier to pick them up with the pen. You can read more about trays here: Tray – what is it used for?.

A pen and a tray used in Diamond Painting.

Pink goo, pink wax or whatever you choose to call the little pink square you often get with a Diamond Painting kit, it is used to have in the pen so you can pick up diamonds. You fill the tip of the pen with the pink wax and this in turn makes the diamond stick and you can pick it up from the tray. If you want to read more about the pink wax, you can do it here: Wax or what is that pink stuff?.

DMC and DMC-number

DMC is a French company that produces, among other things, embroidery thread and yarn for crochet and knitting. For its embroidery threads, DMC has developed a color coding where each color has its own number. This is what is usually called a DMC number. This color coding has been used for the Diamond Painting diamonds. Which means the code 310 is always black, 444 is a yellow color and so on. There are DMC color charts that show what different colors the numbers have. They are available to buy and to find on the internet.

DMC color chart
The top one shows what the Excel color chart looks like and the bottom one shows the image on the DMC color chart.

What you should keep in mind is that there may be different shades of the diamonds. Just like with the embroidery threads, different color baths can make different shades. So it is always good to look at it before mixing colors as some can differ a lot. If you want to read more about DMC and DMC numbers, you can do it here: DMC-number – what is that?.