Are you going on vacation and want to bring your Diamond Painting project with you? Do you wonder how to do that without getting drills everywhere but the painting? Or how to avoid getting the painting canvas all wrinkled now that it is flat? Then I have some tips for you below that will help you with how to bring your picture with you when you travel. Regardless of which method you intend to use, I would probably stick to a fairly small project.

Pool noodle

You can roll the painting with the drills outward on a pool noodle. These are available for purchase in various lengths. I have gotten some Diamond Painting kits that been rolled around a smaller version of these. They can of course also be used.

pool noodle
A pool noodle that can be used to bring Diamond Paintings on vacation.

Pringles cans

A good idea that I read about was to use washed Pringles can. If you have a small project you can easily roll it together with the drills outwards and then put it down in a Pringles can . If you have a larger project, you can use two cans, one on each end.


If you have a little more space and do not need to make the painting fit into a smaller place, you can always attach it to a piece of cardboard on each side. That protect it from the from the environment, but perhaps it is not the most convenient way.

Art portfolio bag

What you can do is use a art portfolio bag. These are available in different sizes and are made to have sketches in. It is perfectly fine to have your Diamond Paintings in there instead. The one below is on AliExpress and if you want to buy one you can click on the picture to get to the product.

An art portfolio bag that can be used to carry a Diamond Painting in.

What about the drills?

These ways to bring your Diamond Painting with you are more about how you can bring the canvas. If you are wondering about the drills read this post: 3 storage boxes for Diamond Painting.