Do you know that the canvas has different looks depending on whether you make a Diamond Painting with square or round drills? Below you can read about how they differ and why.

Square drills

The canvas for square drills has squares with the symbol in it. There is often a line every ten squares that is slightly thicker than the others. Something that may not play such a big role on a pre-printed canvas, but on one without symbols, they make all the different. They make it easier to determine where you are in the pattern you follow.

different looks
Canvas for square drills.

Round drills

The canvas for the round drills does not have squares on it but circles with the symbol in. This is because otherwise you would see parts of the square box between the gaps that form between the round drills. In the picture below it looks a bit like a combination, but it is because it has to be the right color in the background so the gaps that occur do not show through. You can still see the circles that are the ones that should be on a canvas for round drills.

Canvas for round drills
Canvas for round drills.

Why are squares on the canvas?

The reason there are squares on the canvas is to make it easier for you to put down drills. The squares show where the drills should be placed on the canvas. If you place the drills in the middle of the circle or square, the end result will look good. Everything should end up where it should end up. So the different looks are made to make it both look better and help us place drills.