I have tried to found out what the difference is between 5D and 3D Diamond Painting. Since you often see those in the title when ordering a Diamond Painting. The problem seems to be that no one seems to know that the difference is. Some say that there isn’t any, it is just a buzzword the seller uses to get you to buy their paintings. Others say that the ones called 5D sparkle more than 3D because they are cut different. If this is true or not I can not say since I haven’t found anyone that seems to actually know.

5D and 3D diamond painting

What I did found out is that the square drills can be cut different. They can be cut in something called “section 9” and “section 13”. The reason I have found for this is that you should get more of a sparkle when using both on a painting. However some say that the “section 9” drills of bad quality and if you want a painting that sparkle more you should go for the “section 13” drills. But just as with the 5D and 3D no one seems to actually have the answer.

Have you any clue to what the difference is between 5D and 3D Diamond Painting? Please leave a comment below and let me know.