In many cases, it is said that size does not matter, this is not the case when it comes to Diamond Painting. Here, the size is very important. You will see that the larger the painting, the more details you will get. This is something that is good to know when choosing which size you want for your painting.

Too small size

Ordering a painting that is too small is probably the most common “error” that one does in the Diamond Painting world. I myself have made a painting that is far too small and you can hardly make out what it is. You can decide for yourself how good you think the below picture is. Is it possible to see what it is? Hardly I say. It is Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael flying over London. Up in the left corner, Neverland should be seen. But in my undersized painting it most looks like a cloud. To make it look good I would had to buy a much larger size to get all the details.

A Diamond Painting in too small of a size. You do not see Neverland at the top left.

Bigger is better

What you should have in mind when buying a Diamond Painting is that bigger is always better. If you are unsure of how large a painting you need to buy, there are groups on Facebook that you can ask in. Someone has probably made the painting you want to do, or who has done a similar one. They can help you out with what size you need. It is always annoying to put money on a painting that then looks like a blob of colors. I would like to say that it is better to ask others for help than to gamble and be disappointed.

Below is a comparison between the sharpness of different sizes. The smallest size is blurred even if it is possible to see what it is. Then they just get sharper and sharper. What you have to do is decide for yourself whether you think the smaller images are good enough or not.

Comparison between different sizes.