Have you ever wanted to bring your Diamond Painting with you when you travel but don’t know how to transport it? Here are 4 ways to transport your painting for when you want it with you. Which do you think works best? Leave a comment below and share your experience.

Sketch and portfolio bags

Sketch and portfolio bags are meant to have sketches in, but they work well to have the canvas for a Diamond Painting in. They are available in slightly different sizes so hopefully there is one who fits the painting you are working on. You can find them here: sketch and portfolio bags.

4 ways to transport your painting
A sketch bag in which you can carry Diamond Paintings.

Drawing tube

If you want to use something that does not take up much space, a drawing tube is a good idea. You simply roll up your painting with the drills outwards and put them down in the tube. Some tubes have a string so you can easily carry it with you. You can find drawing tubes here: drawing tube.

drawing tube
Drawing tube is something that can be used to carry Diamond Paintings.

Puzzle mat

If you have ever done a puzzle then you may have heard of puzzle mats. It is a mat that you put the puzzle on and then you roll it together on a tube. These can also be used for the Diamond Painting canvas. They are available in slightly different sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your paintings. You can find puzzle mats here: puzzle mats.

puzzle mat
A puzzle mat that you can transport Diamond paintings in.

Cardboard box

If you have a little more space and do not need to make the panting take up a smaller space, you can always attach it to a piece of cardboard on each side. Then it is protected from the environment but may not be the easiest to take with you.

What about the drills?

Now you have gotten tips on 4 ways to transport your painting, but what to do with the drills you might ask. You can find storage tips for your drills here: 3 storage boxes for Diamond Painting.

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