Have you ever wonder what the pink stuff is that you get with your Diamond Painting? It is a sort of wax that you fill the tip of the pen with to be able to pick up the diamonds. You can also find it in blue and it is exactly the same just a different color.


You will notice that the wax will last a long time. I have had the same small square for about ten paintings in a variance of sizes and almost all of them in full drill. You don’t really need much of it for it to work. I kneaded a couple of the pink square together and put them in a plastic jar instead of having tons of small squares everywhere.

Alternatives to the pink wax

I have heard that many think that the pink wax is a hassle. Since they have to fill the tip of the pen so often. I agree to a point, sure it is annoying to fill the tip every now and then, but I haven’t need to do it that often. On the other hand, I haven’t been doing the really big sized ones. I can see why you might get annoyed by it if you work on a large-sized painting. What you can do is try out blue tac. You won’t need to fill the pen as often as with the pink wax otherwise, it works just the same.