If you order a Diamond Painting kit, you will receive a tray. The question, however, is why you get it and what it is used for. So here I am simply going to answer the question tray – what is it used for?

What is a tray?

Wikipedia says that a tray is “a shallow platform designed for the carrying of items. Trays are flat, but with raised edges to stop things from sliding off them. They are made in a range of shapes but are commonly found in oval or rectangular forms, sometimes with cutout or attached handles with which to carry them.” Now we aren’t really carrying stuff around in our trays, but I would still call the container we use for tray.

Tray - what is it used for?
Tray – what is it used for?

Different kinds

There are a lot of different types of trays, but the most common to get with a kit is probably the green little tray. If you are curious about the different varieties that are available, I have written about it in a post that you can find here: Trays – different types.

What is it used for?

Now to the big question in the heading tray – what is it used for? Well, the tray for Diamond Painting plays a big role. It is used to get the drills to end up in the right direction. This is so that you can easily pick up the drills with the pen. The tray has grooves in the bottom that are precisely spread apart so that the drills fit between them. The drills are also flat on one side, and if you shake the tray carefully, they end up with the flat side down between the grooves. Because when you pick up the drills with the pen, you want them to be with the pointed side up. So you can easily place the flat side in the adhesive on the canvas.

Tray - what is it used for?
A tray with drills where the majority ended up the right way.