This week’s Diamond Painting inspiration is a painting of Red Riding Hood, but not in the way you usually see. The painting is simply called “Red Riding Hood” and the artist who made the motif is named Hannah Lynn. I think the painting is really nice, and love the little wolf puppies that she has as company. The moon looks absolutely incredible in the background and the trees and mountains makes it really look that she is on her way through the forest to grandma with a basket full of food.

Red Riding Hood
A painting by Hannah Lynn of Red Riding Hood.

It is a full drill and you make it with round drills. The size is 56 x 76 cm (about 22 x 30 inches) and has 42 different colors, including two Aurora Borealis diamonds.

You can find it at Diamond Art Club and if you want to buy it you can either click on the picture above or here.

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