This week’s Diamond Painting inspiration is a painting of an American diner with motorcycles and cars in front as well as a sign that says route 66 and of course an American flag waving. I like the motif, and the colors. Everything from the motorcycles in the foreground to the sky in the background. I have also been where route 66 ends (or starts depending on how you see it) in Santa Monica, and traveled a bit on the historic road. So for me living in Europe it has a special place in my heart.

route 66
An American diner with motorcycles and cars in front and a sign with the text route 66.

It is a full drill and you can choose if you want to do it with square or round drills. It has between 30 and 45 different colors depending on the size you choose. Keep in mind that the larger the painting, the more details will be included. Since this one has loads of small details one of the larger sizes is a must.

You can find it at Mycella Official Store on AliExpress and if you want to buy it you can either click on the picture above or here.

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