Do you want your Diamond Painting to sparkle a little more than usual? Do you have a part on the painting that you want to stand out a little? Then I’ve found something for you. There is a site called Diamond Painting with sparklers that offers just that. Curious about how it works? Read more below.

What are sparklers?

Sparklers are a kind of iridescent glass drill that reflects many colors like a rainbow. They are round in shape and are 0.28 x 0.28 cm in size. Just like the regular round drills. There is also something called sparklers s4s (s4s stands for sparklers for squares) which is smaller and has the size that square drills have. That is 0.25 x 0.25 cm and therefore fit on a canvas for square drills.

Drills of the type sparklers and s4s (sparklers for squares).

What are jellies?

Jellies are square AB drills (you can read about AB drills below). They are neither completely opaque nor completely transparent. They are the same size as ordinary square drills, ie 0.25 x 0.25 cm.

Drills of the jellies type.

What are AB drills?

AB (Aurora Borealis) are resin drills that have an iridescent coating and are what you get in some Diamond Art Club or Dreamer Designs kits to make certain parts stand out.

aurora borealis
Drills of the type AB (aurora borealis).

What is the point of sparklers and jellies?

The idea with sparklers and jellies is that they should make parts of your painting really pop and stand out. If there is any part of the painting that you really want to shine extra much, then these are the drills you should use.


You go to their website and simply order the kind of drills that you want. These drills also use DMC numbers so you can easily figure out which numbers you need. The idea is not that you should replace all drills on your entire Diamond Painting, although you certainly could. The idea is that you should replace the drills on some parts of the painting to give it more depth.

Where do you order?

If you want to order glittery drills, you can do it here: Diamond Painting with sparklers.

You can join their Facebook group which you can find here: DP with sparklers.