This week’s Diamond Painting inspiration is a painting of country life. The painting is called “Reflections On Country Living” and the artist who made the motif is called Chuck Pinson. I like the colors in the painting, and all the animals that are doing their thing. Especially the cat that sits and observe everyone else. I think the motive is soothing and that is the idea behind it. To take the day as it comes and not worry.

Reflections On Country Living
A painting by Chuck Pinson called “Reflections On Country Living”.

It is a full drill and you make it with square drills. The size is 51 x 76 cm (about 20 x 30 inches) and has 38 different colors, including two Aurora Borealis diamonds.

You can find it at Diamond Art Club and if you want to buy it you can either click on the picture above or here.

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