Usually when buying a Diamond Painting kit you get a tray. You use the tray to pour the drills in and then shake it gently so that the drills end up with the right side up in the notches in the tray. Below are some examples of the trays available. Comment below with which one is your favorite.

Green small tray

I would say that the most common tray among all the trays is the green tray. In my opinion, this is usually what you get when ordering a Diamond Painting kit. This tray is okay if you do not have many drills of a color. If you have many drills of a color, it may be a bit annoying to have to fill this tray all the time.

Small green tray which is the one you usually get with a Diamond Painting.

White tray with small pour opening

This is pretty much like the green tray with the exception that it is slightly larger and has a small pour opening. The small pour opening is good if you want to empty the drills in bags or other containers.

white trays
A white tray with a small pour opening that is slightly larger than the green and the pour opening makes it easy to pour the drills back into your storage.

White large tray with small pour opening

If you a lot of drills of a color that you put on the canvas and think it is annoying to fill the small trays, this is a good alternative. It is possible to have many drills at once in it. Which makes it faster for you to work with your Diamond Painting. The pour opening makes it easy to pour the drills that are left over back into your storage when you are finished with a color.

Large white tray
Large white tray with pour opening for you who have many drills of the same color.

Blue tray with space for pen

This tray is quite large with high edges, it also has space on the side to attach the pink pen. Perfect if you do not want to lose the pen. However, it is a little difficult to empty it in a simple way. Which means that if you have drills left over that need to be poured back in your storage, it’s a little tricky. But if you do not fill in it with too much drills that you have to pour back, it is completely okay.

Blue tray
Blue tray with place for the pink pen on one side.