Many doesn’t like the pink pen you get with your Diamond Painting kit. It doesn’t feel good in your hand and you don’t get a good grip on it. As a result there are many that make their own Diamond Painting pen. If you wonder how to do that I have made a short description.

Step 1 – Find a good pen

The first thing you need to do is find a pen that you like. Preferably one that you have a good grip on. I had the pen below at home that I think will work fine. I have a good grip on it and it isn’t too heavy.

Diamond Painting pen
The pen I want to turn into a Diamond Painting pen.

Step 2 – Remove the spring and the ink reservoir

Unscrew the pen and remove the spring and the ink reservoir. You won’t need those parts anymore. When I removed those it looked like the picture below.

Diamond Painting pen
The spring and the ink reservoir has been removed from the pen.

Step 3 – Cut off the tip of the pink pen

Now you need to fetch one of your pink pens and cut off the tip of it. How much you need to cut off you can see at the picture below. The cut off part will go into the tip of your new pen.

You only need to cut off the little tip of the pink pen to use for making a Diamond Painting pen.

Step 4 – Place the tip in your new pen

Now you take the tip you cut off the pink pen and place it in the tip of the new one.

In this part you place the tip from the pink pen.

Step 5 – Glue it together

You need to glue the pink tip to get it to sty in your new pen. I used a glue gun to glue the pink tip in the tip of the new pen. Remember to not use to much glue, if you do then you might cover up the screw thread and then you cant put the pen back together. You can use super glue as well.

The pen tip filled with glue after that you have fitted in the pink pen tip.

Step 6 – Screw it all together

When the glue has dried you can screw the pen together and after that your own Diamond Painting pen is ready to pick up drills.

Diamond Painting pen
The finished Diamond Painting pen.

Different pencils

When I created this instructions I also took the opportunity to create two more pencils at the same time. Those three pencils differed a bit when I picked them apart. The one I based these instructions on is the easiest one to do. Since the part you put the pink tip in is short it is easy to glue it in place. For one of the pencil that part was quite long and that resulted in me not being able to use the glue gun to glue the pink tip in it. See the picture below.

A pen with a longer par where you put in the pink tip.

To solve this I used a superglue that had a little brush instead. It made me able to stick the brush into the hole of the tip of the pen and glue the inside of it. After that I putt in the tip from the pink pen and pulled it down with tweezers so that it came in contact with the glue. A somewhat more troublesome way to do it, and you can see that it has been glued together since that part of the pen is see through. However it works as good as the other one.