I’ve seen that a lot of people wonder if the symbols always have the same color. The answer is no. Although similar symbols are used on all Diamond Painting, it does not mean that they are the same color. Only DMC numbers are the same between different paintings.

For example, if you have a painting with the % symbol which has the DMC color 444 which is yellow, that does not mean that on the next painting the % symbol is yellow. There it can instead have DMC number 310 which is black. That’s why when you save drills you label them with DMC numbers instead of symbols. Do you want to read more about DMC numbers you can do it here: DMC-number – what is that?.

For the project I am currently working on I am marking the containers with both symbol and DMC number, so as not to have to look at the symbol chart all the time. Something that I think saves time. In my long-term storage, however, I have only marked with DMC number. The reason is because the symbols change color, and if I lack drills on any painting, I use the DMC number to find out what color I am missing.

A bag that I marked with both DMC number and symbol.