Sometimes you find that there are bubbles in the glue on the canvas when you get your Diamond Painting kit. In these cases, the drills do not usually stick to the canvas when they are attached. They can sit for a while but then they start to rise again. Something that does not look good when you put all the drills in place. You can with a simple trick get rid of the bubbles.

Make holes in the bubbles with a knife

What you do is take a sharp knife and carefully cut the bubble in the glue. Of course, you must lift the protective plastic to access the glue. When you have made some grooves in the glue you replace the protective plastic. Then pull the hand on the fabric, with protective plastic on, on a flat surface to make the air disappear from the bubble. When the air is out of the bubble, you can put on drills without them lifting from the canvas.

With a knife you can carefully cut holes in the bubbles in the glue.

When cutting the bubbles in the canvas you have to be very careful not to cut too deep and make a hole in the canvas itself. Therefore, do not use too much force, just push the tip of the knife slightly down and test how much force you need. It is better that you do not get holes in the bubble on the first attempt than that there will be a hole in the canvas.

Pierce the bubbles with a needle

If you don’t want to use a knife, or if you have no good one to use. Then you can instead use a needle to make holes in the bubbles. Be careful not to stick too deep so you don’t end up with holes in the canvas.