Sometimes you are missing drills for your Diamond Painting. The reason can differ but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. If you notice that you are missing a bag or more after you have done your inventory contact the one you bought it from. Usually they will send the missing drills free of charge.

Can I order only drills?

There are sellers that sell only drills so if you are missing and the one you bought the kit from don’t send you the drills you need then you can always order them yourself. You have a UK based site called that sells drills. You can also find sellers on Aliexpress that sells only drills. For example these are some good sellers: Xpress Show Foreign TradeJULYDiamondEmbroidery and BLUEJULY Official Store.

Shelves with bags containing different color drills for Diamond Painting.

How do I now which color to order?

All most all seller of Diamond Painting kits uses the DMC-numbers and you should be able to see which color you are missing on the symbol chart. Those who sell only drills are also using the DMC-numbers. However remember that the drills can have some slight color variations depending on the supplier. So its a good idea to compare the colors you have used before with the new ones so they have the right tint. With that said a slight color variation on the drills shouldn’t be seen on the completed painting.

symbol chart
A symbol chart showing symbols, dmc-number, amount of bags and amount of drills.

Facebook groups

On Facebook there are tons of groups for Diamond Painting and in some of them people are sharing their spare drills with each other. You can probably find a Diamond Painting group for your country where they only charge you the postal fee for sending the drills. Depending on where you live you will probably get the drills a lot faster than ordering from China.