You’ve probably heard someone complain that they have got broken and bad drills for their Diamond Painting This happens sometimes and if you get a lot of broken and bad drills then they might not be enough for the painting. If that happens to you contact the one you bought the painting from to get new ones.

DMC-310 – black

The color that there is most often problem with is DMC-310, which is black. The color tends to often have poor drills. The reason is probably that so many drills are made of that color and sometimes something goes wrong in during the manufacture. Personally, I know it was a period when many complained about black drills from the Huacan Official Store. People contacted them about it and complained and got new drills which were good. After that they seem to have fixed the error and the drills are good again.

What are broken and bad drills?

A broken and bad drill is a drill that can have a strange shape, a hole in it, is much larger or smaller than the others. Sometimes there are also very small plastic shavings, almost like someone has taken a grater and torn down drills.

Drills with holes

Drills with large or many small holes I throw away straight away. The reason is that I think you can spot them quite easily on the painting. If I have a drill with a small hole that is barely visible then I use it. But usually I throw all drills with holes. If you use a drill here and there with a small hole in it it will probably not be visible. As long as you do not inspect the painting from only a few inches away. So if you are almost done and lack any drills then you can use the ones with small holes without worrying about it being too visible.

hole drill
A Diamond Painting drill with a hole in it.

Uneven back or holes in it

Some drills have an uneven back or holes in it. This will cause the drills to pop up or not stick when you try to attach them. These drills are best to throw out. If you use them, they may otherwise be slightly higher than the others or they will come off all the time.

Uneven back
A Diamond Painting drill with uneven back.

Too large or too small drills

Drills that are larger or smaller than the others should be avoided. They can make it so that there are holes between the drills or the drills end up too tight so that they wont fit on the painting. They also allow the rows to become skewed if you use square drills.