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Do you have Diamond Painting drills leftover from your paintings? Is it starting to be more than you can store? Here are some tips on what you can do with leftover drills.

Wood cutouts in shape of figures and letters

Where I live you can in various hobby stores find wood cutouts in shape of figures and letters. These are often meant to be painted, but you can also glue leftover drills to them. They are not particularly expensive either, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can find wood cutouts her: wood cutouts.

leftover drills
Wood cutouts in shape of a figure and the letter “a” that can be used to glue leftover drills on.

Make your own greeting cards

With some stiff paper and drills you can make your own greeting cards. You can also buy blank folded cards that you can put drills on. You can find patterns yourself or use cross stitch patterns. You can find the folded card here: blank folded cards.

Decorate mugs

If you have a mug that looks a bit dull, you can glue drills in a pattern on them. make up your own or use a cross stitch pattern.

Make your own key chains

As I wrote about a while ago, I bought empty key chains and put drills in them after cross stitch patterns. They were fun to do and you get personalized key chains when you’re done. You can find the instructions for how I did here: key chains with leftover drills.

leftover drills
Some key chains I made with leftover drills.

Decorate collage frame

You can decorate collage frames with drills. A collage frame is one that you can put multiple pictures in. They often have slightly larger edges and on them you can glue drills. You can do this on other frames as well, but I think it looks cooler on the collage ones. Collage frames can be found here: collage frame.

leftover drills
A collage frame that you can put drills on.

Blank canvas

Buy a blank canvas and make your own designs or follow a cross stitch pattern. You do not need to follow the colors completely from a cross stitch pattern but can often substitute with similar colors. There are several sellers who offers blank canvas. The canvas is just like the canvas you get with a Diamond Painting kit, but without any symbols. You can choose whether you want a canvas for square or round drills, just like when you buy a finished kit. You can find a seller here: blank canvas.