Most people probably think of paintings when someone say Diamond Painting, but there is so much more than just paintings. There are a lot of other things you can put drills on. More and more things also seem to come and make it even more fun. Some of the different things that are available as Diamond Painting I have listed below.

Key chains

The first thing I discovered that was not just paintings was key chains. There are lots of key chains with different motifs for putting drills on. I’ve done some myself, and I think they’re really fun to do. If you want to buy the key chains below, you can find them here: Heart key chains.

just paintings
Diamond Painting key chains that you can make instead of just paintings.


There are also lamps to Diamond Paint. They are fairly small and usually battery-powered. There are many different motifs and shapes. Most I have seen are round, but there are also some that are shaped like butterflies, bears, stars and unicorns. As well as some with Christmas themes such as spruce trees and snowmen. I have made one that is shaped like a spruce and thought it was really fun to do. The drills to it were rhinestones and it sparkles really nicely when the lights are on. If you want to buy the lamp below, you can do it here: Christmas tree lamp.

christmas tree lamp
A Diamond Painting lamp in the shape of a Christmas tree.


Clocks are also one in the crowd of Diamond Painting you can make. They come in different sizes and motifs. Some kits contain only the canvas and drills, while others also have a clockwork. So the mounting goes a bit different depending on which model you get. If you want to buy one of the clocks below, you can find them here: clock.

Different Diamond Painting clocks.

Tissue box

If you want a nice box to have your tissues in, there are Diamond Painting boxes for tissues. Most seem to have rhinestone drills and I think they are really good looking. Who would not want their tissues in such a box when you are sick? You become happy by just looking at it. If you want to buy any of them, you can find them here: Tissue box.

just paintings
There are also tissue boxes to Diamond Paint.

Sketch/note book

If you write or sketch a lot, there are also books with Diamond Painting motifs on the front. If you want to buy one, you can find them here: books.

just paintings
Designs on books whose front page you put Diamond Painting drills on.


If you want something really personal, why not make a bag. I have found two different models. One is a small shoulder bag and the other is a small purse bag. However, I am wondering about how well the drills stick on the bags. Because a bag is exposed to so much more than a painting. If you have a Diamond Painting bag then share your experience in the comments below. If you want to buy one of these bags, you can find them here: shoulder bag and purse bag.

Two different models of Diamond Painting bags.


Something that I’ve seen that more and more are doing is bookmarks. They are available in slightly different designs and most seem to have special shaped drills. Which makes them look really cool. If you want to buy a bookmark, you can find them here: bookmark.

Diamond Painting bookmarks
Diamond Painting bookmarks.

Christmas and birthday cards

If you want to make a little more personalized Christmas or birthday cards then you are in luck. There are Diamond Painting Christmas and birthday cards. There are lots of different motifs and they are easy to do. I have made a set of Christmas cards that I was happy with. However, the text was basically unreadable on one so I recommend that you look closely at how large the text is. If you want to buy some cards you can find them here: cards.

Christmas card
A Christmas card made in Diamond Painting,


If you have a child who wants to try Diamond Painting, stickers are a great first project. They are pretty small and easy to do. Then you can put them on something you want to decorate. For example, I’ve put mine on the boxes where I have leftover drills. But you can put them on whatever you want, only your imagination sets limits. If you want to buy some stickers, you can find them here: stickers.

Stickers made with Diamond Painting drills.

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