Many people are wondering how to store their Diamond Painting drills. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to store them, just different ways. It’s about finding what works for you. Here I share how I store my drills. You will find information on how I do it for an ongoing painting and for the drills that have been left over.

Ongoing projects

I keep my drills for an ongoing project in tic-tac boxes. These tic-tac boxes are then stored in a larger box, with a space in the middle. In the space in the middle I keep the symbol chart, blu tac and a case with trays, pencils and tweezers. I think it’s convenient to have everything in one box. It is easier to just pull out one box, which have everything for the painting you are working on. I have labeled the tic-tac boxes with symbols. This way I don’t have to look at the symbol chart to find out what color I need. Most of the paintings use the same symbols and I think it is the easiest way to label them. When I finish a project and move the drills to my long-term storage, I use the symbol chart to find out what DMC numbers they have. I have a small funnel to fill the tic-tac boxes. In addition to the funnel, I also have a white tray with a small spout that fits perfectly in the opening of the tic-tac boxes. The box contains a total of 64 tic-tac boxes. I found this box at Wish and if you want to buy it you can find it here: 105 parts box.

The box with tic-tac boxes that I use for ongoing projects

Leftover drills

To store drills left over from the various paintings I have made, I also use tic-tac boxes. However, the boxes in which these tic-tac boxes are located do not have a space in the middle. Something that is not needed for long term storage in my opinion. I have leftover trays, pens and other accessories stored in its own box. The tic-tac boxes are marked with DMC numbers as that is the only thing that is the same between the different projects.

this is how i store my drills
Boxes with tic-tac boxes that I use to store leftover drills.

If the colors differ too much in shades, I mark the box with DMC number and a serial number. For example, if I have two different shades of 444 then the boxes are marked with 444 and 1 as well as 444 and 2. Each box contains 64 tic-tac boxes. If you want to buy these boxes, they can be found at Dispaint Store at AliExpress, a direct link can be found here: tic-tac boxes.

this is how i store my drills
Tic-tac boxes marked with DMC number as well as one and two as there are different shades of color.

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