If you have problems with the drills won’t fit on the canvas you can find some tips on how to solve it here. If these solutions do not work then get in touch with the one you bought the Diamond Painting kit from and see if they can send you a new one. Do you do anything to make sure the drills fit? Write a comment below and share it.

Avoid big drills

What you should have in mind when putting drills on the canvas is not to use the drills that are larger than the others. Likewise, you should not use those who are smaller or broken. If you use these you will get gaps between the drills, and they will end up askew. And if you don’t get gaps you will end up with the drills not fitting in their space. So best is to avoid the drills that are too big or too small.

Start in the middle

Although it may be difficult, it is a good idea to start in the middle and work outwards. Which is how you often start when you sew cross stitch. If you do this, the offset will end at the edge of the canvas. There is often glue on the edge so the drills will stay, and if it looks strange, you can hide it behind a frame.


If you have large areas in the same color, use the checkerboard pattern technique. You put every other drill on the canvas and then you fill in the gaps. This technique will make the drills end up straighter. Because they end up in the right place, the risk of the drills not fitting is less.

checkerboard method
Drills placed in a checkerboard pattern on a Diamond Painting canvas.