Have you ordered a Diamond Painting kit and then when you are about to start with the inventory you notice that there is no symbol chart? You don’t have to worry there is a simple xplanation for this and you can manage with out it.

Being nice to the environment

Sellers want to be nice the environment by not sending a separate paper. They print the symbol chart directly on the side of the canvas instead. Which I think works just as well. It’s also good that they think about the environment. Since the symbol chart is used only when you do inventory and work with your project. It almost always get thrown out as soon as you are done. So then it feels quite unnecessary to get it on a paper when they can print it on the canvas.

No symbol chart
A canvas with the symbol chart printed directly on the canvas instead of on a separate paper.

Packaged by weight

In in attempt to be more precise with how many drills they send, the sellers have started to weigh the drills. So if you get drills in zip bags instead of the “regular” bags, you don’t have to worry. They are probably marked with DMC-number and an estimate about how many drills are in them.


You will still be able to do inventory so that you can see that you have received everything even if you do not get a separate symbol chart. Since the symbol chart is printed on the canvas, thats were you can find out how many drills are needed for each color. The canvas should be rolled so you can see the symbol chart on it without having to unpack it.

The number of drills needed for each color is noted on the symbol chart. On the bags it says how many they actually sent so the inventory can still be made. The easiest way is to place the bags in the DMC number order and check that they are all present. You should also make sure that all the zip bags are closed. If some were open, there could be fewer drills in it than it says. You can then check that the number of drills that it says on the bag seems to match how many it say is needed on the symbol chart.

Zip bags
Zip bags with drills instead of the regular bags.