Have you ever removed the protective plastic to start working on an area just to end up putting the symbol chart in the glue? If the answer is yes, you should know that the hope is not out. You can still save your Diamond Painting even though the paper is stuck in the glue. Below are some different methods that you can use.

Method 1 – Baby wipes

Gently rub with a baby wipe on the stuck paper. The paper will become wet and then it will come loose. When you let everything dry, the glue will be as usual and the drills can be attached.

Method 2 -Hot air gun

Use a hot air gun to heat the glue and gently remove the paper. Remember not to have it too close so that the canvas melts. Also be careful so that the glue does not stick to the paper and comes of with it when you remove the paper.

Method 3 – Dishcloth and water

Take a dishcloth and soak with water. Squeeze it so that it is moist, you do not want it to have too much water in it. Then use the dishcloth on the paper. When the paper becomes moist you will be able to remove it. When the glue and the fabric are dry, you can attach drills again.

Method 4 – Tweezers and the pink pen

If not much paper is stuck, use the tweezers or the pink pen to scrape off the paper. Here it is important to be careful so that you do not scrape off the glue from the canvas.

The glue disappeared!?

Did you use any of the methods and the glue disappeared? Do not worry. Read this post to learn what you can do about it; The glue is gone – use this instead.