Sometimes when you get a Diamond Painting kit the sticky canvas is crinkly. If it came rolled up it can also have some wrinkles on it. Those you will need to get rid of before you begin placing drills on the canvas. You will found that there are some different ways to get the canvas flat again. Below I have listed four different methods that I have seen people use. If you use a method not listed here please share it in the comment section below.

Method 1 – Remove the plastic

The first and easiest thing you can try is peeling back the plastic protection and then put it back. You don’t peel back all the plastic just a bit. Then when putting it back you use your hand to flatten the canvas. You do this for all the corners of the canvas. There is a good video about how it is done, which you can find here: Top 10 tips for Diamond painting. It is in the first part of the video.

Method 2 – Put pressure on the canvas

Unfold the fabric and put it under pressure by using some heavy books. There is a good idea to combine this method with method 1. Otherwise, there is a risk that the wrinkles will get worse if they do not get at least a bit less crinkly first. I usually keep my Diamond Paintings under pressure so that the canvas is flat and nice when I start a new one.

Method 3 – Iron the canvas

If the canvas is very crinkly and the other methods hasn’t helped, then you can carefully iron the canvas. You iron on the side without glue, on a low setting and the canvas between two towels. The protective cover should not be removed while ironing, if you remove it you will end up with the glue on the towels instead.

Method 4 – Use trousers hanger

If the canvas is just a little bit wavy then you can hang it on a trousers hanger for about a week. The canvas should smooth itself out. Remember that you shouldn’t fold the canvas, you need to hang it at full length. This is also a good way to store your Diamond Paintings until you begin working on them.

trousers hanger
Different designs of trousers hanger.