Have you bought both Diamond Dotz and Diamond Paintings with DMC numbers? And now you are thinking about what to do with the leftover diamonds? You do not have to tear your hair there is a table for converting Diamond Dotz to DMC numbers.

What is the difference?

Diamond Dotz and DMC are completely different color codes. Diamond Dotz uses its own color coding and their diamonds have numbers between 8001 and 8448. Diamond Dotz also sells Diamond Paintings and accessories. DMC, on the other hand, is a company that produces, among other things, embroidery thread and yarn for crochet and knitting. The DMC numbers used for Diamond Painting come from their numbering of embroidery yarns. DMC does not manufacture or sell Diamond Paintings or anything related to it. Their sole focus is on embroidery thread and yarn for crochet and knitting.

Where can I find the table?

You can find the conversion table at Diamond Dotz website. It is both directly on their page or you can download a PDF file with the table. There are two variants of the PDF file, one sorted by Diamond Dotz number and one sorted by DMC number. You can find it sorted by Diamond Dotz here: PDF 1 – Diamond Dotz till DMC nummer and the on sorted by DMC number here: PDF 2 – Diamond Dotz till DMC nummer. If you would rather look directly at the Diamond Dotz website, you can do so here: Diamond Dotz to DMC number.