This week’s Diamond Painting inspiration is not a painting but six lamps with Christmas motifs. One lamp has a Santa on it, another a Christmas tree and one has a snowman. You also have one with bells, one with a Christmas stocking and one with a Christmas light. Which one is your favorite? I think they are all wonderful. It’s also fun to do something other than just paintings. These small ones can be done quickly between the big projects.

lamps with Christmas motifs
Six lamps with Christmas motifs.

They are all partial drill with round and special drills. The lamps are 15 x 15 cm and are powered by two AA batteries, these are not included. On each lamp there are five LED lamps scattered around the picture you put drills on. Drills are only placed on one side of the lamp.

You can find it at AZQSD Official Store on AliExpress and if you want to buy it you can either click on the picture above or här.

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