Do you find the regular trays for Diamond Painting boring? Are you tired of the colors? Or of the shapes? Then there is hope, because I have found a store on Etsy that makes and sells special trays for Diamond Painting.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is not a regular store but can be more compared to AliExpress, as there are many different sellers on the site. The big difference is that everything sold must be either over 20 years old, handmade or craft material. Etsy has over 1 million stores and around 30 million members. The store itself chooses which country they want to send their goods to, so if you encounter a message that the store does not ship to your country, that is why.

My 3D designs

The store that sells these special trays is called My 3D designs and is run by Dan. The trays he sells are made on a 3D printer, and they are really nice. I myself have not yet bought anything, but the store has many good reviews, which is a sure bet that it is good stuff. Something I think is very smart is that he also sells lids for the trays. If you leave your painting temporarily and are afraid that your pet will knock over the tray, just put on the lid and it will be protected.

The store is based in the USA, and depending on where you live in the world you will have to pay shipping. To where I live its quite expensive so I would recommend buying several things at once, or go together with a couple of friends and order. Then it will be a little cheaper on that front. Otherwise, I do not think the prices are unreasonable.

You can find the Etsy store here: My 3D designs.