Many people use different storage methods for their Diamond Painting drills. Some use storage boxes while others use zip-bags. No matter what storage you use, you probably want to know which drills you have in which storage. You want to mark the storage boxes or bags so you know what DMC number or symbol they have. Here are some tips on what you can use to label your storage.

Label maker (Dymo)

A labeling maker, usually called Dymo after the company that manufactures them, is a small device used to print labels. These are available in many different looks and with different features, some more advanced than others. I personally bought a Dymo since I think it is convenient to avoid writing and trying to draw the various symbols by hand. The model I have is called Dymo LetraTag LT-100H. The reason I chose it is the combination of it being cheap and having a lot of symbols in it. You can buy it directly from Dymo here: Dymo.

The Dymo label maker I own is of model LetraTag LT-100H.

Price marking labels

Price marking labels are the labels that usually are on goods in stores. These are available for purchase separately from the machines the stores use and are absolutely perfect for labeling things with. You can write DMC numbers or draw a symbol on them and then attach them to your storage box or zip-bag. They come in different sizes and are sticky on the back so you don’t need to use tape to attach them. You can find these at, for example eBay and Amazon.

Price marking labels
Price marking labels that can be used to mark storage boxes and bags for Diamond Painting.

Diamond Painting labels

These are often included if you buy a kit with accessories or storage from sellers on AliExpress. But they are also available to buy by themselves, and they come in different variants. For example, one where the numbers are printed on them, one with DMC numbers and one where they are empty and you can type whatever you want. You can find the printed and empty ones here: DP Labels. Those with DMC numbers can be found here: DMC labels.

Diamond Painting labels that you can use to mark your storage and zip bags with.

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