Gemsflow – Diamond Painting logbook is an app for keeping track of your Diamond Paintings and drills. The company GemsFlow is the one who created the app and they also sell Diamond Paintings via their website. The app has many good features and is updated regularly.

iOS and Android

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s also free, so there’s no reason not to try this app out. You can find the app for iOS here: iOS, and the one for Android here: Android.


In the app you can add projects, colors you have and there is also a wish list. When you add a project, you can enter a whole heap of information about it. You can name the project, add an image, specify the dimensions, number of colors, which store you bought from and a web address for the store. You can also enter dates for when you ordered it, received it, started it and when you finished. You can also specify whether the painting is full or partial drill and what type of drill it has.

The page where you add information about a new project in the GemsFlow app.


You can set different status of your project. If there is something you want and want to add to the wish list, you can set “Wish List” as status. Which allows you to create a list of paintings you want and not having to remember them all or write them down on a piece of paper that inevitably will be lost. You have the status of “Not Received”, “Received, Not Started”, “Started” and “On Hold”. So you can set the status according to whether you received the painting or not, and whether you started it or not. Once you have finished the painting, you can set the status “Completed – Kept”, “Completed – Sold” and “Completed – Gifted”. So you can also keep track of the paintings you have made and sold or given away. Really smart I think.

The different statuses that you can put on the projects in the GemsFlow app.


If you want to keep track of what colors you have, you can enter it in the app. You can add drills that have numbers from DMC, AB (Aurora Borealis) and Diamond Dotz. So not only DMC colors are available in the app, which is a plus if you buy paintings with AB or Diamond Dotz colors.

The different brands of drills that you can add to the app.