Here are 6 Diamond Painting tips to help you take your Diamond Painting to the next level. If you have any tips that are not included, feel free to write a comment and share.

Change wax in the pen

Clean the end of your Diamond Painting pen once in a while. It is not only the drills that gets stuck in the wax but also hair, and other dirt that makes it harder for the drills to stick. If you have encountered bad drills with crushed diamond pieces, they will also get stuck in the wax.

Straight edges with a ruler

If you want straight and nice edges on your Diamond Painting, you can use a ruler. Place it on the edge next to the symbols, and then place the symbols and you will have straight edges. The glue on the sides of the board makes it so that the ruler remains and does not slide around. If you are at a corner, you can use two rulers.

Broken and lost drills

Have a container where you put broken drills and another container where you put drills that you drop on the floor, or maybe find in a different places. This allows you to throw away the drills that are broken, and the ones that are whole you can use for something.

Wax between drills

Did you get wax between the drills? Does it not go back in the pen when you poke it? Then you can use a toothpick to get rid of it.

6 diamond painting tips
Toothpicks that can be used to remove wax from the canvas.

Change colors of the painting

Are you not happy with what the painting looks like when it is finished? Any colors that did not turn out quite right? Then just replace them with colors that you think would fit better and that you have at home. Tweezers can be used to pluck the drills from the canvas.

Paper in the glue

Have you put a piece of paper in the glue on your painting? Do not worry, with baby wipes you can wipe the paper off. Once the glue has dried again you can stick the drills to the canvas.

6 diamond painting tips
Baby wipes can be used to wipe off paper stuck in the glue of a Diamond Painting.