If you ever knocked out your tray or your containers with drills for Diamond Painting then you know how annoying it is. Here are 4 tips against tipping over trays. If you have tipped over your tray you can read about how to pick the drills back up here: Spilled drills everywhere.

1. Blu-tack

You can take a small amount of blu-tack and put it under the tray and then press it into place. Then the tray sits a little better and becomes more difficult to tip over. This solution is best if you do not have to move the tray a lot.

2. Storage box with lid for each container

If you have tipped over the entire box with your drills, it is best to get one with separate containers. That is, a box where each color has its own lid. When the accident occurs, it is probably only a color that goes out instead of everyone. It will take considerably less time to just pick up the drills than having to sort the colors as well.

Storage box
Storage box with lid for each container.

3. Do not fill the tray with to many drills

Not filling the tray completely means that if the accident occurs, there are not a lot of drills flying away. Certainly you need to replenish it a bit more often, but if the accident occurs, you just need to pick up a handful of drills.

4. Anti-slip mat

For the most part, I have seen these anti-slip mats as holders for mobile phones in cars. But they can also be used for other things. For example, to put the Diamond Painting tray on. The mat is sticky and stays on most surfaces, which means that even the tray should stay put.

Anti-slip mat
Anti-slip mat that can be used to put the tray on so that it does not tip over easily.