The drills for Diamond Painting are either round or square and many wonder what is the difference? What’s best? Should you use square or round drills?

The big difference is that they fill a different amount of the canvas. The square drills lie against each other and you therefore see none of the canvas. The rounds go towards each other, but since they are round they do not lie completely against each other.

Square or round drills
The left picture shows square drills, while the right one shows round.

However, none of them is better than the other, but it is simply a matter of taste. Some find it easier to use the round drills and that they are faster to put down on the canvas. Others find that square gives a nicer filling and glitters more than the round. So it’s up to you to decide if you like square or round drills best.

Personally I think they are both equally easy to use, although it may take a little longer to get the squares to be straight on the canvas. However, I have not done so many paintings with round drills, and the ones I have done have been the ones that you only partly put drills on. I think the partial ones look better with round drills than with square ones.

Different sizes

Something that may be good to know about the difference between the round and square drills is that they differ slightly in size. The square is 0.25 cm x 0.25 cm, while the round is 0.28 cm x 0.28 cm. It is not much that differ but may be worth knowing if you are going to change a cross stitch pattern into a Diamond Painting one.