Have you received your first Diamond Painting and wonder what do I do now? It may feel overwhelming at first. The drills may be smaller than you thought. The canvas may look very wrinkled. Here you will find some information about what you should do, and if you want to read more, I will link to my posts which are more comprehensive.

The right one

The first thing you should do when you get the painting is to look so that you got the right things. Is that the right motive? Did you order square or round drills? Make sure you actually get the one you ordered. Since the square and round drills are different sizes, it is difficult to use, for example, square drills on a canvas that is made for round ones. If you get the wrong type, contact the company where you bought the painting and sort out the problem.

Take inventory

The next thing you should do is a larger inventory. This is the biggest step and the one that takes a little longer. Here you want to look so that you have got the right number of colors and the right number of drills for each color. You can read a longer post about how to take inventory and what to think about here: How-to – inventory.

Make sure the canvas is flat

Before you start placing drills on the canvas, you should make sure that the canvas is flat. Sometimes there can be bubbles in the glue on the canvas and if you put drills on these, they will end up higher than the others. It can also be difficult to get the drills to stick to the glue. It is also easier to put drills on a canvas that is flat than one that wants to roll up. If you want to read more about what you can do to get the canvas flat, you can do that here: How-to – prepare the canvas.

What are the tools?

I see many who wonder what the things you get are. The tools you usually get when you buy a painting are a tray, a pink pencil and wax. The tray is used to get the drills end up in the right direction so that they can be easily picked up and put on the canvas. The pink pen is used to pick up the drills and place them on the canvas. The wax is the pink sticky square that is in plastic. The wax is put in the pink pen to be able to pick up the drills. If you want to read more about the different tools, you can do so on the links here after: to read about trays press here: tray, to read about the pink pen press here: pink pen and to read about wax click here: wax.

What do I do now
The tools that you often get with a Diamond Painting.

Getting started

When you see that everything looks right and that you got everything, just get started. Pour some drills into the tray and gently shake it. This will do so that the drills will end up with the right side up. It is not very important to get all the drills in the right direction, as long as the majority ends up right, it is good.

A tray filled with Diamond Painting drills.
A tray filled with Diamond Painting drills.

Remove a small piece of the protective plastic from the canvas to expose the adhesive on the canvas. Then take the pink pen and push it into the wax. Remember to remove the plastic from the wax.

what do I do now
Press the pen into the wax to fill the tip with wax so you can pick up drills.

When the tip is full of wax, place it on one of the drills in the tray. Then, with the help of the wax, the drill should stick to the tip and you can move the pen and place the drill on the correct symbol on the canvas. You repeat this for all drills and in the end you will have a finished painting. I hope you do not feel as lost now that you have received an answer to the question what do I do now?

what do i do now
When the wax is in the pen, you can pick up drills and place them on the canvas.