Diamond Dotz is an online store that sells Diamond Paintings and accessories. What makes Diamond Dotz a little special is that they do not use DMC numbers for their colors but have their own color numbering. So if you make a Diamond Dotz painting, you can save the drills and use them for other Diamond Dotz paintings but not for a painting that has a DMC number.

Picture of the painting with drills

Something I like about their website is that all paintings have a picture that shows what it looks like when it is finished. You can see how much of the painting is covered by diamonds and it says how many diamonds are needed. It also states which level the painting is suitable for. If it is for a beginner or for someone who has made several paintings and can handle a more advanced one. In addition to paintings, they also have pillows. Something I have not seen any other store sell. The pillows are for decoration only as there is a risk that the diamonds will fall off otherwise. But I still think it’s a fun thing.

Price, shipping & delivery time

All their paintings and other Diamond Painting things are licensed and this can be seen on the price. I think it’s pretty high prices, but then you have to keep in mind that the person who made the painting actually gets paid for their art. You can choose between standard delivery and express delivery. To Europe it seems that standard delivery takes 7-12 days, while express takes 1-3 days.

You can find the store here: Diamond Dotz.