There is a whole lot of Diamond Painting sellers on AliExpress and it can be good to know what to look for when deciding who to order from. Below I list 5 good sellers on AliExpress. The reason they are good sellers is that they have received good ratings and many good reviews. I myself have also ordered things from some of them and everything has been fine. That being said, I would like to inform you that even though I have had a good experience with the seller, it does not mean that everything they do is flawless and you will not experience problems.

What is a good seller?

To find a good seller on AliExpress, look for how many stars they have in their rating. The more stars the more popular the seller. Also reviews from other buyers are good to look at. Then you see what others who used the seller think and can get a good idea of how they are as a seller. There are also several groups on Facebook where people share information about how their experience is with sellers.

Ever Moment Store

Ever Moment Store is probably the seller that I heard most about. They send everything well packed in round tubes, which means that the canvas does not become full of folds but is smooth and fine. However, they are slightly more expensive than other stores, but their good quality weighs it up. You can find the store here: Ever Moment Store.

Huacan Official Store

Another popular seller is Huacan Official Store. Their canvas and drills are good, the canvas has come wrapped around a pool noodle. However, I have read about some people lacking drills, but they have contacted Huacan and they have replied quickly and sent the missing drills without arguing. You can find the store here: Huacan Official Store.

Dispaint Official Store

I’ve heard much good about Dispaint Store. Some say they have the same quality as Ever Moment Store. You can find the store here: Dispaint Official Store.

Mycella Official Store

I have bought some DP:s with Star Wars on them from this seller. For me, there has been nothing to complain about. The canvas has been wrinkle free and the symbols on it clear. I’ve got a lot of drills left over from all the ones I did. This store has a lot of pictures from different movies and Disney, so if you are interested in that go in and take a peek. You can find the store here: Mycella Official Store.

Yumeart Official Store

Yumeart Official Store is an other seller I have heard good about. Those who have ordered from them have gotten both good quality canvas and drills. They have also gotten plenty of drills left over. You can find the store here: Yumeart Official Store.

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