Diamond Art Club is a online shop that was started when founder Angie Shehaj thought the Diamond Painting kits that were available were not good. They sell both Diamond Paintings and accessories.

They work with artists and if you click on a painting you can read a little about the artist who made it. If you like the artist, this way you can find more paintings made by the same artist. The canvas is made of velvet tarpaulin and according to Diamond Art Club, the canvas becomes completely smooth when you unfold it. It says on their website that both glue and ink are 100% free of toxins. Which is always positive.


All orders are sent from New Jersey in United States. Orders to US are delivered within 3-6 business days, and international orders are delivered between 7-21 business days. If you order something and live outside of US know that you might need to pay for duty & custom fees. These are not included in the shipping fee.

You can find the online store here: Diamond Art Club.