Most of the drills you get with a Diamond Painting kit are in different sized bags. The question many asks is how many drills in the bags? Some sellers goes by weight and others fill the bags with a fixed number of drills. If you want to check that you have gotten enough drills for your painting without counting all the individual drills knowing how many drills a bag contains is key. However there are some variance between different sellers and note also that the numbers below are just an estimate.

Below is a picture showing the most common design the bags with drills come in. The number beneath the bags are the estimate number of drills in each bag.

how many drills in the bags
The usual amount of drills in each different sized bag.

The smallest bag, the one containing approximate 200 drills, weight about 1,4 gram.

If the seller goes by weight the bags are usually in increment of 2 gram, 5 gram or 10 gram. A 2 gram bag contains about 300 drills, 5 gram 700 drills and 10 gram 1400 drills.

How you know how many drills you need

On the symbol chart you can see how many drills you need of each color. Usually it also say how many bags of drills you have gotten. Therefore you can with ease figure out if you have gotten the right amount.

symbol chart
A symbol chart showing symbols, dmc-number, amount of bags and amount of drills.

The amount of bags that are shown on the symbol chart are often the bags with 200 drills in it. If we use the first row on the above symbol chart as an example, it is the fourth column that show the amount of bags. In other words of color 154 you should have gotten 7 bags of the bags that contains 200 drills. However since it says you need 1289 drills (see the last column) you could have gotten one bag with 1000 drills and two bags with 200 drills in each one. It all depends on the seller.

Figure it out yourself

If you want to figure out yourself how many bags you should have gotten of a color all you need to do is take the amount of drills of one color and divide it by 200. This is under the assumption that you have gotten bags with 200 drills in each one. According to the symbol chart you should have gotten 1289 drills of DMC-number 154. And that means that the calculation is 1289/200 = 6,445. Since this isn’t an integer you need to round up, if you don’t you might end up with not enough drills, which means that we need 7 bags of DMC-number 154. As you can see this match up with the information in column four of the symbol chart.