This week’s Diamond Painting inspiration is a painting of Princess Badroulbadour and Aladdin. Now you probably think that’s Jasmine, but no it’s not. The inspiration for the painting does not come from Disney but from the original Aladdin saga, which probably originated in the Middle East. The name Badroulbadour means full moon. The motif is made by Mandie Manzano and she calls the painting “I choose you”.

I choose you
A painting of Princess Badroulbadour and Aladdin.

It is in full drill and you make it with round drills. The size is 51×71 cm (20×28 inches) and it has 47 different colors, including one Aurora Borealis drill.

You can find it at Diamond Art Club and if you want to buy it you can either click on the picture above or here.

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