I’ve seen a lot of people asking for Diamond Painting drills the only reason is that they are missing a certain color in the package. That is why you should inventory your package. You find out the missing things at once and can quickly get them fixed. If it is a long time since you bought your package and you find something missing, it can be difficult to get it fixed. It is also not fun to start a painting just to find that something is missing. I have made a guide for how to inventory, which you can find here: How-to – Inventory.

Missing drills

If you inventory the contents of your package, you will quickly see if there is something missing. If you are missing a color completely or just a few bags, contact the seller. What you bought should be complete. If it is not, then you have the right to have it fixed. You should therefore have the missing drills sent to you free of charge. Remember depending on where you live in the world you might have to pay VAT for the package. So this is why you should inventory your package when you get it- It makes you discover before you start your painting if you are missing anything.

Torn or crappy canvas

You can be unlucky with the canvas and get one that is torn or crappy. If the canvas is torn or has so much crease that you can’t get it smooth, you should contact the seller. The things you buy should be as described and not torn or bad in any way. Depending on which country you live in and from where you buy Diamond Paintings you will have different rights. So best is to check up what rights you have in your country and what the site you buy from says.